I started working in the TV industry in 2001, as 2nd  assistant director at 'Red Circle', the most successful documentary-drama series in Greek television. I soon overtook the set as 1st assistant director, and since then, i had the pleasure to work with some of the top directors in my country and all the 'divas' of the theatrical scene. I have participated as a 1st ass. director in about 50 television films and 6 TV Series, while I was the casting director for about 25 TV films, all being a great success in my country.
TV taught me how to be flexible, meet deadlines under difficult circumstances, handling talents, and also coordinating big crews, all male-dominated.  
Apart from 'surviving' in a male's world, I managed to become one of the most successful Ass. directors in Greece, known for my ability to handle difficult situations, both on set and out of it.
One of the advantages I offer is that I can always overtake the set in an emergency, replacing the director during shooting and thus being able to meet episode deadlines.
In terms of casting, I enjoy non-conventional role allocations, trying to experiment with non-obvious choices. I have 'discovered' many aspiring talents, and I had the pleasure to be the first one who introduced them to the world of TV.