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Somewhere between punks, queers and other 'freaks' lies a paradise...

Germany-Greece, Mars Productions

Creative documentary, 75 min

Writer-Director: Marsia Tzivara

(Late production)

Marsia Tzivara, Burning from the inside, filmmaker
Greece-Germany, 2015
Documentary, 64 min
Writer-director-producer: Marsia Tzivara
Germany-Greece, Fantasy, 13 min, 2017
Writer-Director-producer: Marsia Tzivara
Produced by KFB & FLP
Marsia Tzivara, Filmmaker
Greece-Germany 2013, Asty Music
Documentary, 80 min
Director-producer: Asteris Koutoulas
Casting director-Ass.director: Marsia Tzivara
Marsia Tzivara, filmmaker
Small Heading
Greece-Germany, 2015, Asty Music
Documentary, 120 min
Director-Producer: Asteris Koutoulas
Production manager: Marsia Tzivara
Marsia Tzivara, filmmaker
Germany, 2016, Filmgalerie 451,  86 min
Director: Angela Schanelec
Extras coordination -2nd ass. dir:Marsia Tzivara
Greece, 2014, Director: Panos Koutras
Producer: CL Productions
Adsitional Casting (Main Prodagonists): Marsia Tzivara (Athens Casting)
Greece, 2015, feature
Director: K. Giannaris
Producer: Viewmaster Films S.A
Additional Casting: Marsia Tzivara
Greece, 2011, Feature
Director: Panagiotis Fafoutis
Producer: Maria Drandaki-Bad Movies
Ass. Director: Marsia Tzivara
Greece, 2012, feature
Director: I. Michailides
Producer: CL Prod/K. Lambropoulos
Support & extras Casting: Marsia Tzivara

the children of 

the riots

Greece-Cyprus-Quatar, 60 min, 2011
Director-producer: Christos Georgiou
Associate director: Marsia Tzivara
Casting: Marsia Tzivara
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