Burning from the inside

Burning from the inside is a socio-political documentary film, right from the streets of Athens and Berlin. Using the rise of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn as the main axis, it exposes the fascist structures and the social disintegration which invaded Greece, from the perspective of the Greek immigrants in Germany.
The film - featuring horrifying unreleased material from the neo-Nazi scene in the two countries- globalizes the nazi problem, connects the situation to the European refugee politics and questions the role of Germany as the 'queen of Europe'.
At the same time, the film focuses on the anti-fascist movement and the amazing power of the people, when they are united for a common cause.

Festivals and Awards

The film has been screened in many festivals around the world and won the 'Golden Award' for European Documentary at DSIMA in Jakarta, and the 'award of excellence' at the San Francisco film Awards.

Cast & Crew
Cinematography: Demian Von Prittwitz
Editing: Lydia Antonova
As. director: Elina Foteinou
Production coordinator: Mary Daskalouli