I am a filmmaker, film tutor, and media activist from Greece, based in Berlin for the past eight years.

Always attracted by marginalized perspectives, I have a special interest in social and political themes, and my work has been awarded and published internationally.

In my  15-years’ of experience, I have participated in various film, TV, and other media formats and I have coordinated numerous national and international sets.

My skills include writing, casting, research, organization, marketing, and management.

Never hesitate to make decisions, I am effective under stress, and I am trained in maintaining a balance between teams and departments. Creative and curious as I am, I never stop learning and experimenting, and I can execute a project from concept to distribution.

Passionate about arts and culture, I Have organized and curated big and private events, as well as conducted a number of film-related workshops, lectures, and seminars.

Every new experience is like a ‘newborn baby’ for me, and  I only undertake projects that can move me one step forward, both as a person and as a professional.